New Zealand tea tree is the common name in New Zealand for Leptospermum scoparium known in Maori as manuka and sometimes includes Leptospermum/Kunzia ericoides known in Maori as kanuka. The leaves contain Leptospermone, an antibiotic agent. It was first called Tea Tree by the expedition of Cook and Banks which identified the plant and established it's use when moored off the Purangi River in Mercury Bay in 1769.
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Purangi Estate Limited manufactures Manuka Tea from leaf derived entirely from naturally occurring and totally uncontaminated manuka that grows on it's Coombe Hill property adjoining the Purangi River at Mercury Bay in New Zealand. A new process has been developed that retains characteristics including flavour and fragrance. This product is prepared as a foodstuff in strict compliance with the NZ Food Act and Regulations.

(Australian tea tree is derived from an Australian native plant Meleleuca Alternifolia which is completely different from New Zealand Tea Tree and is plantation grown in Australia.)

New Zealand Coromandel Mountains Tea Tree Oil Company Limited, also in Mercury Bay, extracts the oil from naturally occurring unsprayed or cultivated plants by a natural process that does not involve crushing or heat treatment.

The oil extracted contains 120 elements and can be utilised medicinally. Undiluted oil is used for relieving pain and stiffness in muscles, joints and limbs as well as for topical application for the treatment of cold sores acne and boils. The low density of the oil from kanuka permits tissue penetration. Rapid relief from pain lasts for some hours and from stiffness of joints several weeks.

Dilutions of tea tree oil may be used to treat open wounds and as a gargle for throat and mouth infections.

Original research on the therapeutic properties of manuka and kanuka has been conducted by Professor IR Dr D.F.Merz Agr.Sc. formerly of Waikato University, Hamilton, who supervised and directed the New Zealand Tea Tree Oil Project now producing the New Zealand Coromandel Mountains Tea Tree Oil Co. Ltd.'s oil. This research has validated the claims made for this product with the Therapeutics Section of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.


COMMON NAME: Manuka, indigenous to New Zealand

GENUS: Leptospermum Scoparium

FDA CLASSIFICATION: Undetermined Safety

PARTS USED: Foliage and terminal branches and essential oil


SAFETY DATA: No safety precautions known

INDICATIONS: Effect. Rating* (1-Low, 5-High)

Antibacterial: General 5 e-coli 5 Gram neg.(-) 5 Gram pos.(+) 5 Staph 5 Strep 5 Antifungal 5 Antimicrobial 5 Preservative 5 Skin-Abrasions/cuts 5 -Acne 3 -Antiseptic 5 -Athlete's foot 5 -Burns/sunburn 5 -Dermatitis/rashes 5 -Eczema 5 -Seborrhea 5 -Psoriasis 5 -Wound care 5

* Scale: 1 and 2 - Reported in folk literature to be effective 3 - 5 - Scientifically shown to be mildly, moderately, very effective

PREPARATIONS: Use essential oil in 5% concentrations

CHEMISTRY: (see database for chemistry data)

DESCRIPTION: Pale Yellow to Yellow-Brown Relative Density: 0.994 Typical value Refraction Index: 1.502 Typical value 20 deg.C

Antimicrobial Activity: Manuka Oil has been tested against 39 separate micro-organisms and has been found active against all of them. A partial list follows with the MIC (Min Inhibitory Concentration) listed. The MIC is the LOWEST concentration of oil which inhibits growth of the specific organism. A low value indicates HIGH activity:


Staphylococcus aureas 0.039 Staphylococcus aureas methacillin res. 0.0195 Staphylococcus epidermis 0.078 Staphylococcus faecalia 0.039 Staphylococcus agalactiae 0.039 Micrococcus luteus 0.0195 Sarcina lutea 0.078 Bacillia subtilis 0.156 Listeria monocytogenes 0.039


Eschefichia coli 2.5 Pseudomonas aeruglnosa 997 2.5 Klebsiella pneumoniae 5 Proteus vulgaris 5 Vibrio furnissi 0.625 Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2584 > 5 Pseudomonas fluorscena 5

FUNGI Trichophyton mentagrophytes 0.078 Trichophyton rubrum <0.039 Microsporum canis <0.039 Aspergillis niger > 1.25 Candida albicans 0.625 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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