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September 2017


Many thanks to the many friends and supporters who helped us move out of the old building in May.


Since then we have been very busy developing the new site with many local mates contributing loads of stones and plants and breaking their backs for the landscaping effort.


Not so much fun is struggling through all the paperwork and permissions needed and the design and engineering requirements seem never-ending!


So we are now at the stage of pouring the foundations for the outbuildings which are being made out of 40’ stainless steel containers in a design by Chris Smith our architect who is also going to design the new Purangi Winery Cellar Door and Bistro building with super views of the Purangi River and the Bay over the new vineyard terraces below the tea gardens.


At the moment we have the temporary Winecellar open for bottle sales and tastings and will be fitting out the new kitchen and this summers’ bar area.


We have been very heartened by all the messages and support on Facebook and the offers of financial help as well so thank you all and here’s hoping that we will be up and running flat out as usual with the fine summer weather.