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December 2018


Summer is coming     


Like last summer we have the amazing opportunity to cook Pizza for the Hot Water Brewery in Whenuakite. We will start on the 20.12.18 for a pre-xmas warm up.


The Brewery will be closing half way through the 24.12 and reopen for all the Beer Fanatics, Burrito Lovers and Pizza Munchers on the 27th, 7 days a week, 12-8pm.

Our Feijoa/Apple Cider will be on tap and all our other products available for purchase at the bar.


Come in and check out the Brewery's new menu created by new Chef Kyle and spend your lazy summer days enjoying what this amazing co-op has to offer.



Danny and Family


JUNE 2018


Coromandel Winter ☔️


Along with pruning the vines and orchards we have been preparing for the kitchen fit out and waste water system with the application now finally in with all the engineering done.

NZ Customs have been great and we now have an updated Customs Licence for our new Customs Controlled Area.

Work has started on tea manufacturing trials for our new line of single estate teas and herbals under the new registered trademark PuresTEAS® . The new line up is starting with a smoky wood fired Lapsang Souchong  and Tea Flower and the herbals Kumarahou, Olive, Kaffir Lime, Manuka and Bay with Tippy Green Tea and Tippy Black Tea as soon as we get the first flush.

In the planning is Tea Seed Oil and a Tea Liqueur to join with old favourites like Feijoa, Plum and the rest and also an Arancello to add to the Limoncello and Limecello that has been flying off the shelves!

Our incredible Trinidad moruga scorpion Chilli crop intended for the Feijoa and Chilli Hotsauce (for which we imported a jacketed pan with stirrer last year) has had to wait but Rohan has been filching the chillies Danny has been drying for his Chilli Salt trials for which he reckons full goggles and respirator are a must! 

We are trying to do as much work as possible in our miserable Coromandel winter. Come up and check on our progress anytime and meet up with Danny for chat.

May 2018


End of Summer, shout out, New developments, approvals, ongoing  harvest and processing


We can't believe how lucky we where having the opportunity offered to cook pizzas in a pop-up styled setup for the Hot Water Brewing Company in Whenuakite all summer. And the feedback was fantastic! 

We are grateful to be part of a community like this, where businesses help each other in tough times. Big shout out to Jen Walker and her whole family for the incredible support! It was a great summer and everything worked out so well for both businesses. It help us keeping up with upcoming bills and it's been probably the greatest "give-a-little" we could have ever expected

We now finished the pizza pop-up and the Brewery is operating on off-season hours: Thursday to Sunday 11am-7:30. 

Our Feijoa Cider is still available on tap as well as most of our popular Liqueurs as off-licence sales. So pop in to the Brewery to stock up on your favs.

While we were busy cooking pizza, we had a few developments with our new winery site:

We got the planning approval for the produce stall aka Wine Cellar. That means we will be allowed to sell our products, which include, handcrafted liqueurs, wines and spirits made from farm grown fruits, as well as non-alcoholic products such as preserves, jams, hot sauces and tea stuff. And we got our temporary off-licence approved (our first application was denied by council mid 2017).

Our temporary Wine Cellar stall set up (which you might have seen last year in a little wooden carport-like shed) moved into one of our containers. 

We are now working on building applications to get plumbing and fit out of our kitchen container and toilet and wastewater facilities through. 

The kitchen container will, for now, be used for the production of food stuff and preserves for the sale in our stall as well as tea manufacturing. 

We are also on the way to move our winemaking and storage facilities from the old winemaking area into two of the three stacked containers in regard to upgrade the wine production towards higher winemaking standards.

While the development of the new site goes on we can't forget: it's autumn now and we need to do a lot of harvesting, processing and storing of all our produce. We've had a great feijoa harvest and done a massive crush for the next seasons liqueur. Persimmons are coming on well, though growing only old astringend varieties we need to ripen them to perfection for further processing. We have a tonne of limes what means we will be able to make a lime version of our very popular limoncello yummy!

Pop up any time to the new site, check up on our progress and say hi to Danny.

We will keep posting updates here as well as on our Facebook page and our give a little page. So watch this space and keep up to date with all the developments!


Team Purangi

January 2018


summer needs pizza


Wow, what a rollacoaster spring and early summer it's been!!!


We couldn't get through with our applications quick enough to get the Purangi Winery how you know it up and running in time and it seems that it still takes some time to get through the bereaucracy jungle.

We had soooooo many people how didn't think a coromandel summer willl work without woodfired pizza and feijoa cider, and Jan Walker and her family where some of them. That's why they decided pizza and cider at the Hot Water Brewing Co. in Whenuakite at the SH25 would be an awsome idea.

Just a week later everthing was organized, pizza oven packed, contract signed and out we went to start a woodfired pizza pop-up for the Brewery. From the 19. December until mid April there will be Purangi Pizza out in Whenuakite with our feijoa cider on tap and our most popular liqueurs, port and gin available as off/license sale at the bar.

Open 7 days a week 11am-7:30pm - open all Easter weekend, closed Tuesdays!

No bookings required, but a heads up for larger group is appreciated. For more information ring or txt Danny: 0226391308 or the brewery: 07 866 3830 (Cellphone reception out there is very poor)

We've already seen so many of our loyal customers and hope to see even more over the next two long weekends to enjoy pizza, cider and amazing craft beers.


We can't thank the Walkers enough for that amazing live line they through us. We don't know how we would have managed to get through this summer without them. We feel proud and privileged to be part of such a great community. 


Love you all!



November 2017


Here is the new update for our loyal costumers, friends and followers


We finally finished the concret foundations for our 40’ stainless steel containers last week, now it's time to move them onto the concret and lock them down, so they will stay there for next 30+ year without blowing away or rolling down the hill.

The crane from Whitianga based coast2coast building service (http://coast2coastbuildingservices.co.nz/) is coming this Thursday to move the containers onto the desired positions.

Thanks to the stainless steel interiour, the insulation and the t-section floor, these ex-refridgerating container are just perfect for winemaking, tea production and food preperation. The Winemaking will move into two of the containers. Another container on top will be used for the tea manufacturing. One more containers will be used as a kitchen and the last one will serve as a bar and contain sanitary facilities. And thats pretty much our temporary setup. 


We tought moving from one site to another just 250m up the road, after being a well established business for over 30 years - a coromandel Icon - is a piece of cake. But due to weather delays, wrong advises and the odd moaner on the fence, everthing takes a little longer than expected. So - nearly a year after starting to relocate from the old building - we are still being held up and not open. We also got stopped from selling our products from a temorary stall, that's why we put up a give little page:

Donate via Givealittle

All donations will go to pay the fees and charges and costs to get open again at Purangi and hang on to the Winecellar in Auckland K'Road, so you can have a corner to call your own.

Please also check out the update page on our givalittle page. We always try to keep on updating what goal we've got and what the donated money will be used for exactly.


We now also stock our Aged Port, Lemon Gin and Limoncello at the Hahie and Cooks Beach Liquor stores. Get your Purangi favorites for yourself or as a Christmas present at either of the stores. We are also working on stocking our products in a Liquor Store in Auckland - watch this page.


Our gardens, ordchads and vinyard love the spring time. With the warmer temperatures and the longer days they are cranking. Lots to do on a 60acre farm to keep us busy: Mowing, weeding, trimming, taping, planting, and so so much more...


That's it for now from our update. If you feel like you want to support the Purangi Winery and actively help us to reach our common goal, to reopening as soon as possible, please give a few dollars on the givalittle page. We also highly appreciate plants und rocks Kohas :)



Danny and Family

September 2017


Many thanks to the many friends and supporters who helped us move out of the old building in May.


Since then we have been very busy developing the new site with many local mates contributing loads of stones and plants and breaking their backs for the landscaping effort.


Not so much fun is struggling through all the paperwork and permissions needed and the design and engineering requirements seem never-ending!


So we are now at the stage of pouring the foundations for the outbuildings which are being made out of 40’ stainless steel containers in a design by Chris Smith our architect who is also going to design the new Purangi Winery Cellar Door and Bistro building with super views of the Purangi River and the Bay over the new vineyard terraces below the tea gardens.


We have been very heartened by all the messages and support on Facebook and the offers of financial help as well so thank you all and here’s hoping that we will be up and running flat out as usual with the fine summer weather.